Our Story


Founded by Bob and Rita Bussiere and their five children: Bob, Sherrie, Joe, Dave and Michael. Buzzy's has been family-owned and operated for the last twenty-four years. The Bussiere family has served Middlesex and Union Counties for over fifty years. Buzzy's remains a place where friends and relations meet to socialize in the bar or the dining room. We want our customers to feel like invited guests in our home.


With a core staff of Rutgers' students working their way through school, you will always receive polite and attentive service with a smile. If there is something you like and we don't have it, let us know. In the dining room you'll meet Alice, Nicole, Karen, Drew, Adam, Rebecca, Mike, Jacquelin and Jordan. At the bar there's Patti, Tommy, Stacey, Kristen, Steve, Kellie, Drew, Jamie, Mike and Jonathan.


Sherrie's husband Rob Brownlie is the current General Manager assisted by Miguel. All have multiple years of experience in the food industry and are eager to help you.